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Quality One is not just about spray jobs, we deal with all pests and aim to educate our clients about our work.


Not only that but we ensure our jobs last.

We will negotiate all jobs with you and offer you fair prices. We also appreciate all feedback and will guarantee a re-visit if you’re not satisfied.

Give us a call, if you want the job done. We won’t let you down

This treatment uses high quality, low odour pesticide which is safe for people, pets and environmentally friendly. Internally, we will treat the roof void and sub-floor, skirting boards, cornices and window frames. Externally, we provide a comprehensive perimeter spray of the house, garage or sheds, including garden beds and eaves.

We offer a six-month Warranty, unlimited service calls, and expert recommendations to assist with pest prevention.

General pests include spiders, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and earwigs

Wasp & Bee Treatment

Where possible, we aim to remove and relocate bees during the treatment. Bees and wasp nests are treated with pesticide. 

Cockroach Treatment

This treatment uses high quality, low odour pesticide and gel. Both the pesticide and specific gel for cockroaches will be placed to harbourage areas both internally and externally. 


Ant Treatment

Generally, our treatments involve applying bait internally to all harbourage areas around the house, as well as dusting wall and roof cavities and sub-floor areas.

Rodent control

This treatment involves placing bait inside roof cavities and sub-floor as well as areas in which they might habit around the house internally and externally. 



Possums are caught in a cage and relocated in accordance with National Parks and Wild Life acts. Holes in which they inhabit are sealed to avoid return.


We will initially carry out a full inspection of your property. Regardless of their location, all rooms, beds including behind and under beds, skirting boards and electrical outlets will be treated. All bedding will have to be removed, washed with hot water and not replaced until the treatment is complete.



All homes with pets, regardless of whether they remain indoors or outdoors, are exposed to fleas. We aim to blanket spray external areas as well as the garage. Carpet and floorboards are also treated internally. 

Bird proofing is individualised to each circumstance. Depending on their location and behaviour which is observed during a visit, there are multiple ways in which bird proofing can be provided.


We will take our time to educate you on our recommendations for treatment at our inspection, as well as offer a six month warranty and follow up visit following a treatment.

​Termites are capable of destroying softwood to hardwood which can result in catastrophic consequences in your home.


We carry out termite inspections upon request followed by treatments that involve locating and eradicating termite nests. We also bait areas around your home where termite activity is discovered.

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